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We have been in touch with the activities of AgroConsult Bohemia s.r.o. since early 2000.  The company significantly strengthens its market position, in particular due to acquisition by GE Money Bank that holds a substantial share in funding of the Czech agriculture. In 2012, AgroConsult Bohemia focused more on fulfilment of the internal requirements of the bank due to administrative changes.

The company transforms in 2015 and the company is now primarily engaging in counselling in the field of agriculture and focusing on economic, organizational, and structural counselling. The aim is shifting from processing of PRV project applications for counselling in acquisition and selling of agricultural businesses. This is where we may employ our experience in the best way.

Obviously, the decisive aspect of a successful company is the level of its management. Therefore, the counselling strives for procuring as much as possible information for quality management. This information may be obtained from a business through long-term analysis of activity when the counsellor reviews independently the activities of the business and compares its economic activities to other businesses, and proposes solutions that proven well elsewhere.

Furthermore, the counsellor provides the business with information about current conditions on the agricultural sector, and assists the business to understand applicable rules, regulations, as well as possibilities for drawing of funds.

At present, the management of an agricultural business requires a broad spectrum of supporting activities and therefore, top experts for each field in running of an agricultural business are working with us.

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