Economic and organizational counselling

Agroteam GmbH Berlin was incorporated in 1999 as a cooperation project with Agroteam GmbH Berlin. Over the last 20 years, the company has came through various stages of development. Since its incorporation, the company has been a significant activator in the field of agricultural counselling in Czechia. The company was in the inception of economic reviewing of agricultural businesses that have brought many issues in its organizational structure from the past. AgroConsult Bohemia has always endeavoured to implement innovative views in the agriculture. Now, we are still continuing in doing so and working on news forms of approach to our clients.


The sector in which we are doing vast majority of our counselling activities. The sector with fundamental impact on establishing of relations in the landscape.

Food industry

The branch of which importance makes it an important sector of our economy, has been significantly taking a part in household expenses.

Forestry and fishing

These are the areas that may use a lot of subsidies along with agricultural businesses through SZIF (State Agricultural Intervention Fund) agency.

About us


The quality of the counselling is substantially influenced by experience that helps us to clearly understand the issues and to look for simple solutions. We assume adequate risks based on our experience when providing the counselling activities.


We respond with flexibility to the changes currently taking place in the field of agriculture. Our priorities in particular include expertise, understanding, and communication support with the clients that continuously reaffirm us that we do really understand everything we need to understand to.


We are successful because of pushing through and subsequent implementing things in a simple yet effective way. We always reflect on your new impulses that we thoroughly identify. We put a lot of effort in innovations for maximum use of all resources being available to us.

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